Think big – act together

In Aarhus, thinking innovatively is a common responsibility, and the city tries to create an innovative mindset on all levels – from young children to elderly citizens.

Aarhus innovates to develop and maintain a good city for all. Aarhus believes true innovation is about people and the ecosystem connecting them. We work for strong collaboration, active engagement, openness and accessibility.

Guided by a multiple helix model, the approach to municipal innovation calls for academia, businesses and citizens to help reach the city goals, to formulate policy, define projects and bring ideas to life.

Thanks to its focus on participatory design, user-driven and collaborative innovation, and design thinking, Aarhus excels at using co-creation in innovative processes. Small and big changes in the city are realised through participatory innovation processes and collaboration.

Aarhus has a strong focus on sharing knowledge, platforms and initiatives and learning from others. Through initiating and participating in networks – locally, nationally and internationally – Aarhus strives to be an active part of the world.

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