iKEN’s ‘front end’ public website is about discovery – of the iKEN cities and how their world-leading innovative solutions are tackling major challenges on the ground; to improve lives and society as a whole.

The front end also profiles live conversations that are happening behind the scenes on the ‘back end’ of the network.

The back end of iKEN is where the action is. Once you register, you can access iKEN on Slack – a real-time messaging, networking and collaboration platform – which will allow you to share innovation news, ideas and opportunities, find new partners and ask questions.

Once registered, you can also set up your own collaboration.

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Accessing Slack

Once you have registered on iKEN, you can access Slack directly through your browser (via the iKEN public website or Slack.com) or by downloading the app onto your PC or mobile device.

  Slack for Android
  Slack for iOS
  Slack for Windows
  Slack for Mac
  Slack for Linux


User Guide

For help using the platform, please read the iKEN user guide.