Triggering transition to technological sovereignty through the Digital City Plan

In 2014 Barcelona won the iCapital competition with ‘Barcelona as a people city’ (2011), a plan aimed at using new technologies to bring the city closer to the citizen and improve city management. It also promoted economic growth and the welfare of citizens, based on three axes: O-Government, Smart Cities and Mobile.

In 2016, Barcelona redefined its Barcelona Digital Plan, to go beyond Smart Cities and towards a more open, circular, inclusive and democratic city. This plan aims to take advantage of the opportunities generated by data-based technologies, to transform the city and citizens’ lives. The objective is to go beyond the technological approach and the plan outlines new directives and projects that put citizens first and the public at the centre of the digital agenda. We are using technology and data to develop better public services and promote a more innovative, collaborative, and circular economy with a greater social impact.

Barcelona works bottom-up, with a quadruple helix approach and by digitally empowering citizens, as well as facilitating citizen participation with processes of digital democracy. We focus on Open Government, Digital & Innovative Cities and Social Economy.

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