Bristol is promoting partnership, collaboration and co-production across institutions, businesses and communities. We are reinventing how citizens, politicians, and local businesses work together through Bristol’s ‘One City Approach’.

The One City Approach is a framework to address complex interconnected city challenges that traditional siloed governments struggle to resolve. We have built a new model of city governance and created a city-wide leadership framework that encourages shared responsibility for and innovative approaches to delivering socio-economic and environmental outcomes – this is our One City Governance model. We have developed this partnership approach by providing a common vision and long term strategy for sustainable development through Bristol’s One City Plan. This is a vision to be a ‘fair, healthy and sustainable city. A city of hope and aspiration, where everyone can share in its success’ by 2050.

Partners from across the city’s business, communities, charitable, academic and public sectors all contribute and new collaborations are already delivering for Bristol across six One City themes; Health and Wellbeing, Economy, Homes and Communities, Environment, Learning and Skills and Connectivity. As a city we are taking a systems approach to address key city challenges and maximise future opportunities with the City Office facilitating cross-sector working between these themes.


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