Dortmund – the normal one.

In the last few years Dortmund has taken an unusual path establishing structures and platforms encouraging communication and implementing innovation, called the Dortmund Model. Currently there are 400 projects incorporated in this innovation model.

Dortmund is a city like many others – with strengths and weaknesses. When asking the city’s locals and network partners about Dortmund’s working style, they all conclude that people talk to each other often and intensively. Does this not seem far too simple and normal as an explanation? Is Dortmund – the normal one?

Together as a city we have established consensual networks for knowledge and information and have implemented structural changes – from overcoming economic crisis to the successful developments of locations for science and innovation.

Four innovation platforms with different characteristics interlock in Dortmund: the Smart City Alliance, the participation project “nordwärts”, the Technology Centre (TZDO) and the Science City Masterplan (Masterplan Wissenschaft). Civil society, science, business and politics come together at various levels to address the challenges in dialogue settings. These platforms repeatedly produce innovative and at the same time consensus-driven approaches.   

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