Capital of the alps, capital of innovation

Grenoble is a city with innovation in its blood. From the invention of hydroelectricity in the 19th century – which spurred the installation of important industrial sectors in the area such as microelectronics, new energies, chemicals – to today’s pioneering work in healthcare, innovation marks our city’s history and its future.

Inspired by its mountain environment, our 450,000 inhabitants are overwhelmingly active and sensitive to environmental issues. Our mountains are obviously a source of enjoyment but they also contribute to pollution in the city as emissions become trapped in the valley. Today, reducing pollution has mobilised not only researchers and industry, but also our citizens.

It is our belief that innovation is born from collaboration, which is why Grenoble fosters strong links between industry, research, universities and continuous consultation with our inhabitants.

Our innovative spirit is recognised all over the world and has helped attract people to the city. Grenoble has been recognised as the best student city in France, with the greatest proportion of researchers, as well as cutting-edge SMEs and global companies attracting international awards and investment.

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