City of talent, free-thinking and fresh ideas

The city of Groningen has been known as a centre for talent, free-thinking and new ideas for many centuries – having been the economic, academic and political powerhouse of the Northern Netherlands since the 13th century. Unrivalled in its openness to the world, Groningen is home to two leading universities, who cooperate with the city’s government, companies and citizens to carefully cultivate knowledge sharing and interaction, making Groningen a hub of fresh thinking and ideas in Europe.

Groningen has great expertise in various sectors, including IT, energy, healthy ageing and the creative sector. Whilst these industries may sound disparate, they all have knowledge and fresh thinking at their core.

In Groningen we place citizens at the heart of our innovation strategy. Groningen’s ambition is to enable users to develop, test and implement new, smart solutions that improve their day-to-day lives. Groningen wants to be a hub to connect, experiment, learn from and share ideas with other European cities. Please be invited, to share our energy!

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