The city of Hamburg has a simple recipe for fostering innovation: connect, collaborate & create.

A major seaport founded 800 years ago, Hamburg is today the heart of one of Europe’s most dynamic economic regions. Its metropolitan area, with over 5 million inhabitants, is home to future-forward industries ranging from life sciences to fintech. Hamburg is not only a trading and media hub, and the third largest civil aviation site globally, but also a centre for fundamental research and Germany’s joint number one start-up hub.

Hamburg seeks to implement responsible innovation through:

  • connecting science and business through digitally enhanced participation systems or technology transfer programmes
  • providing places for collaboration by hosting state-of-the-art facilities at the intersection of education, research and business
  • the promotion of talent, entrepreneurs and experts to create new concepts in future fields including sustainable mobility and logistics or regenerative energy solutions for the entire metropolitan area

Innovation, characterized by openness, interchange and collaboration is part of the Hamburg mindset. We seek to share our insights and make a contribution towards a healthy innovation culture in Europe.


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