Innovation is about doing radical new things, or doing things in a radical new way.

Helsingborg is the second biggest city in the innovative Skåne region in southern Sweden. One hour from Copenhagen airport, the city is ranked number one among Swedish municipalities in several areas.

The City Council decided in 2019 to further improve the quality of life of its citizens and transform the city’s welfare services model by launching the H22 initiative, with a major investment of ≈EUR 25 million for the period 2020-2022. Focused on citizen engagement, this investment is driving a holistic anticipatory innovation process, promoting agility and resilience and developing needs-driven welfare solutions.

This is achieved by:

  • Embedding an innovation ecosystem whose structure and culture permeate our city-wide efforts
  • Creating new local, national and global partnerships with the aim of generating solutions to current and future challenges
  • Sharing knowledge, co-creating and learning from others – continually in local and global networks, at the annual H22 Summit and at the international H22 City Expo in 2022, a 35-day showcase of innovative work connected to H22. Watch a film about H22 here.



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