MILANOIN: Innovation and inclusion for sustainable growth

Milan has developed a set of initiatives aimed at empowering an integrated innovation ecosystem, built on the binomial ’Innovation’ and ‘Inclusion’ as the key to sustainable growth. The distinctive Milanese approach to innovation focuses on the city’s strengths and values as drivers for new practices aimed at boosting citizens’ engagement with governance procedures through participatory process. Examples include public hearing and online consultations, a participatory budget initiative, civic crowdfunding and fostering sharing services and start-ups as a growth sectors for the city’s economy.

Special attention is given to social innovation as a key driver to address societal challenges. Milan offers a set of instruments and initiatives to support young enterprises in different fields (such as education, employment, mobility, health and inclusion) and to create a blended value for society, both social and economic. FabriQ, the city’s first business incubator dedicated exclusively to businesses with a social vocation; BASE Milano, a cultural hub that crosses exhibitions, events and entrepreneurial innovation and MUHMA, a creative community producing tools and designing processes to develop innovation across and for the territory, are just a few examples of the cases that make Milan appealing as a model for other cities.


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