European Capital of Innovation 2019: Nantes Métropole

Nantes Métropole combines innovation, inclusive democratic processes and open governance to overcome urban challenges      

Nantes Metropole responded to the major urban transitions issues (democratic, energy, ageing, digital, social inclusion) by developing new ways of building the city based on citizen participation and innovation by all and for all.

Convinced that solutions can only be found and implemented with the commitment of all stakeholders and especially citizens, Nantes has developed a vision and a practice of open governance to ingrain citizen dialogue and collaboration between stakeholders firmly in its public policies.

Many different citizen participation formats have been tested such as the Great Debate on energy transition which involved over 50.000 participants and resulted in 2018 in a shared roadmap on energy transition with 33 ambitious commitments, monitored by an independent citizens and stakeholders Commission.

Nantes also supports innovation in the private, non profit and academics sectors through collaborative approaches and innovative mechanisms: “Creative factory” for cultural and creative industries, “Capital French Tech” for the digital ecosystem, “Ecossolies” for social economy, “COTE” for energy transition actors, are examples of hubs for innovation. Innovative projects are boosted through initiatives such as eco-innovation and social economy “factories” or Nantes City Lab which facilitates the test of new solutions in real life.


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