Citizens’ wellbeing: social innovation, health, energy efficiency, climate change & security risk resilience

Nice Côte d’Azur is known around the world as a major tourism destination. But in 2008, the city chose to break away from decades of a tourism-led economy and launch a new development paradigm based on an innovative smart city model, aimed at enhancing the wellbeing of the population. The success of this work is the result of a unique partnership between key stakeholders from the business community and researchers but also citizens, who are acting as co-developers in designing the new digital ecosystem.

Nice is focused on three of the major societal challenges facing Europe: climate change, healthy aging and environmental risk and security. A range of demonstration projects, delivered in an interdisciplinary and innovative way, have already succeeded in improving the wellbeing of citizens and visitors of the city. Nice is now a top ten world Smart City.

The territory’s unique characteristics – a vibrant city in a coastal environment, with a rural and mountainous hinterland all set in a cross-border context – provide investors with a perfect testbed. The active engagement of citizens lies at the heart of Nice’s Smart City model, notably via the Smart City Innovation Centre.

The innovative transformation of Nice is underway, and the city’s ambition is to continue to progress and become a place citizens and businesses are proud to live and invest in and others will enjoy discovering. Nice is committed to sharing its experiences and newfound resilience with others and is therefore immensely proud to present the ‘Nice Innovation Experience’.


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