Israel’s hi-tech centre

Tel Aviv is consistently ranked as one of the most innovative cities globally. It has developed into a leading global hi-tech centre with one start-up per 290 residents.

This ecosystem supports and propels innovation at all levels of society. Israel’s booming hi-tech sector, centred in Tel Aviv, accounts for 45 per cent of Israel’s exports. Home to over 1,800 hi-tech companies, 63 per cent are innovative start-ups. Tel Aviv is becoming the world’s ‘Beta Site’, attracting international entrepreneurs, investors and companies. Leading multinationals have opened accelerators, research and development facilities and co-working spaces in Tel Aviv including AOL, IBM, Facebook and WeWork. These companies are keen to leverage the talent and innovative spirit that Tel Aviv offers. This dynamic ecosystem provides residents with comprehensive economic opportunities.

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality has developed many innovative practices to encourage and support citizen-led innovation to address urban challenges. Together with academia, the private sector and non-profit organisations, the municipality provides the infrastructure and environment to make the city a test-bed for innovation and experimentation, creating the unique and renowned Tel Aviv innovation ecosystem.


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