The best test bed of frontier innovations with social impact

Torino is committed to a strategic redesign of its approach to innovation in support of local development, aimed at strengthening the penetration of new technologies and to create social impact, bringing new opportunities to its citizens and businesses.

The Torino Social Impact agreement, a partnership between public and private institutions, aims to make Torino the best European ecosystem for entrepreneurship and investments with a social impact and a high technological content.

The city is launching several initiatives to facilitate the development of urban innovation projects, including Torino City Lab, a coordinated system of actions to transform the whole city into an ‘open-air’ laboratory of frontier innovation.

In the lab, companies at the pre-commercial stage or at very low market penetration can test their solutions in a real environment, thanks to administrative, operational and simplification tools. They gain a reference of validity of their project and direct feedback from citizens. Through this system, innovation testing does not only consider private interest, but also social impact.

Fabrizio Barbiero:

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