Smart and sustainable innovation with people at the centre

Innovation is a necessary prerequisite and starting point for finding answers to challenges in practice. Vienna aspires to be an inclusive city, with opportunities for everyone to participate in social life and thus puts people at the centre of innovation. Progress must be designed in such a way that people can use opportunities self-determined and self-confidently – regardless of their gender, social and ethnic origin, age or sexual orientation. Vienna therefore stimulates and supports the emergence of social, systemic, cultural and technological innovations and intends to use their potential to further social inclusion and Vienna’s position as a business location.

Vienna wants to show the world that excellent human-centred solutions that contribute fundamentally to the quality of life are generated here. To do this, we will educate, innovate, stimulate start-ups, attract talent, promote internationality and build on existing excellence: on the strengths of companies, research, administration and civil society.

Vienna’s approach to innovation fits into the city’s existing strategic framework. The guiding principle is the Smart City Wien Framework Strategy, which aims for a high quality of life for all citizens with the greatest possible conservation of resources through extensive social and technical innovation.


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