Transformation through innovation

Glasgow has transformed itself into the economic, cultural and academic powerhouse of Scotland, and in recent years has been the fastest growing major city economy in the UK outside London.

A region with long-standing relationships at home and overseas; we are an EU Entrepreneurial Region for our innovative partnership models and our distinctive offer in excellent science, culture and world-class education.

With one of the UK’s largest knowledge bases; we attract the best talent in the world and our universities contribute £1.2 billion to the Scottish economy.

We host national centres of excellence in precision medicine, enabling technologies (with specialisms in quantum and space) and advanced manufacturing. These clusters connect world-leading facilities to business, academia, government and civic society to drive innovation performance.

As a pioneering co-operative city that is rooted in the historic values of solidarity and equality for all; we have a globally-recognised track record in social innovation helping cooperatives and social enterprises thrive.

Through our co-creation hub, Glasgow City of Science and Innovation, we are finding new ways to re-calibrate our creative, social and scientific assets to tackle challenges on the ground.

There’s nowhere quite like Glasgow. It’s real. It makes things happen.


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