Welcome to iKEN – a global co-creation and ideas platform that harnesses the power of human connection to innovate new solutions for cities to improve lives and build fairer, more inclusive societies.

iKEN connects Europe’s leading cities of innovation to researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, policy-makers and investors world-wide to develop fresh ideas, share best practice and unlock the power of co-creation to transform innovation policy and practice around the world.



iKEN is powered by this website and a real-time networking platform which will allow you to access and share innovation news, ideas and opportunities, find new partners, ask questions, and manage collaborations.

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Alumni Cities

The iKEN platform is a spin-out programme from the annual European Capital of Innovation (iCapital) competition, run by the European Commission.

iKEN was developed to profile the world-leading innovation ecosystems of the iCapital finalists and help them connect and collaborate with innovation actors around the world.

iKEN Network

iKEN core cities represent the finalists of the European Commission’s European Capital of Innovation (iCapital) Competition.

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iKEN is powered by Glasgow City of Science and Innovation and Glasgow City Council.

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